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How to Recover Gmail Password

In our article today, we will present you the How to Recover Gmail Password guide. While trying to keep in mind the passwords of different sites, it is common for the password of a site you do not enter frequently to suddenly pop up in your mind. Actually, password managers exist for situations like this; However, if you insist on going through unsafe methods and you forgot your Gmail password (or Google password), we explain how to recover gmail password.

Here’s what those who forget their Gmail email password or username should do:

How to Reset Gmail Password?

  1. Type into your browser and press Enter. Before entering your account information, make sure that the lock sign appears in the address bar and the address is correct.
  2. Your recovery options include your account settings, adding your phone number, etc. varies according to. Follow the instructions on the screen. You will be asked some questions to verify that you own the account. Try to answer as accurately as possible, even if you can’t give them all the correct answers.

Questions that Google may ask you include:

  • Your previous password
  • 2 – steps verification code
  • Your telephone number
  • Your secondary email address for account recovery
  • The answer to the security question
  • Gmail or the date you opened your account
  1. Reset your password. Choose a strong password that you haven’t used before on this account and other accounts. A strong password must be made up of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers, and must not contain predictable words or numbers. You can always get help from Google for this.

How to Get New Gmail Password?

How to Recover Gmail Password
How to Recover Gmail Password

If you haven’t forgotten your password, if all you want to do is change your password, just follow the simple steps below. So, how to recover gmail password:

  1. Go to the My Account page (note the lock icon).
  2. Click on sign in to Google under the Sign-in and security.
  3. Click on “Password”; You may be asked to enter your old password. You will then be able to set your new password on gmail.

In Order Not to Have Problems About Gmail in The Future

In order to easily recover your account when you forget your password, it is useful to specify a secondary email in the Personal information section on the My Account page and enter your phone number.

Two-step verification is best for a safer use as we suggested. When you do this, even if anyone learns your password, they will not be able to enter your account because they do not have your phone.

You can use it as a reminder when you forget your password by typing in your own notepad (certainly not likely to be in the hands of anyone) you frequently use or in some applications on your phone.

It is always safer to save on the phone. The papers can always fall into someone else’s hands. You must definitely have a tough and complex password. For this, you should remember numbers and punctuation marks instead of just using letters or words.

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