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Hotmail Sign Up

Today we will help you with Hotmail Sign Up. If you’re having trouble signing up for Hotmail, we recommend that you check out this guide. Hotmail, the most widely used mail service worldwide, offers an excellent service with a free mail system. You can register for free with the most used and most preferred Hotmail service.

How To Hotmail Sign Up Free Account it is a famous email service used all over the world with simple and free registration, every user can access a personal mailbox, messenger and some other features.

However, Microsoft has changed this service “ “ it happened. Now it’s the group’s new email platform. So, if you have an old hotmail address, it will be transferred and moved to this free service.

Then, learn how to create a free Hotmail account for the first time. Find the steps to connect to your electronic box.

Hotmail Sign Up

First we are logging into the web page. And we click the Create Free Account button as shown in the picture below.


After clicking Create a free account, you will receive the information as follows.

On the screen that appears, it will ask us to create our Email Address. You can continue the process by selecting a special email address for yourself.

We chose our email address and created a password. If we make our password extremely reliable, this will be an advantage for us. It is useful for you to make your password protected. When creating a Hotmail address, you must use special characters in your password.

as an example: mailsignup * + % ‘ 1900

After creating our password, we will see a screen to fill in our personal information. You must use the information correctly on this screen. Misleading information can cause your mail to be closed.

When you have completed all these operations, you will now have a hotmail email address. If you encounter any problems, please do not forget to write in the comments section below.

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