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Create Yandex Mail Account

In today’s post, we will offer you our guide to creating a Create Yandex Mail Account. Yandex is another platform where you can get mail addresses such as Gmail and Outlook. After the free e-mail services provided by Microsoft and Google, Yandex also started to serve its users with the mail system.

Create a Yandex Account

Like Gmail and Outlook, Yandex also has email accounts received by many users. Yandex is a search engine. Navigation in, offers storage areas such as disk and many services. In addition, with Yandex mail, you can also email your colleagues, friendships and family and communicate safely and quickly.

All it takes is to get a Yandex mail account. With your Yandex mail account, you can use Yandex’s other services and send or receive messages to many people via email.

Is Yandex a Good Email?

Yandex was written and prepared in the late 1990s by two Russian programmers named Ilya Segalovich and Arkady Volozh. By updating every day and adding new updates to the applications and Mail operating system, they have not been more inadequate than their competitors. In many countries close to Russia, such as Turkey, Ukraine, the use of Yandex is very common.

How Can I Create a Free Email Account?

Yandex is the most widely used search engine in Russia. With this search engine, you can search and use other services. Yandex gives you serious storage space and access to many applications that you can enter with Yandex Mail.

How To Register With Yandex Mail?

If you also want to get a Yandex account or become a member of Yandex Mail, what you need to do is very easy. If you want to receive a new mail, the first thing you need to do is log in by reaching the site of the mail you want to receive.

For Yandex mail, this address is ‘ yandex mail ‘ You can create a new account by going to this site and then selecting the Create Account tab from the next page in front of you.

How To Yandex Mail
Create Yandex Mail Account
  • After you choose this, you will encounter a registration form that contains a form that you must fill out.
Create Yandex Mail
How To Yandex Mail
  • The fields that you need to fill out in this form are your first name, last name, password, and user name.
  • You must make sure that you complete all this information provided that it is complete and true information.
  • You need to be extra careful when choosing your username because you can’t change your username at any time.
  • A user name is a part that can only be created once. After that, you will get a look like this with the user name you selected: it will be in shape.

Yandex Mail And Yandex Account Security

For your Yandex Mail Security, you must send a code to your mobile phone number and add your mobile phone number to the yandex mail site.A code will come to your mobile phone as sms shortly.

  • Complete this step by typing this code where you type your mobile phone number on the site.
  • You can then increase the security of your account by selecting a security question.
  • Safety questions will be questions about you, such as’ which color is your favorite, The Last Letter of your mother’s maiden name, the name of your primary school teacher.”
  • You can skip this step if you want, but we recommend that you add a question of your choice to make your account more secure.
  • In addition, when choosing a password, you must choose a password, making sure that it is at least 8 characters and a strong password.
  • The password you choose must contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and punctuation.
  • Otherwise, the password you added will not be accepted, and the system may ask you to choose a new password.

If you don’t want to skip the phone option and add your number, you can select ‘I don’t have a phone’ and you won’t have to access the account with the number.

Finally, you must properly enter the Captcha characters, which are the security code, into the box.

If you have questions and suggestions, you can write to the comment page below. We gave you information about how to create a Yandex mail account. According to this information, if there is a place where you hang out, you can definitely contact.

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