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Create Whatsapp Account

How to Create Whatsapp Account, the world’s most famous instant messaging app, today we will share information about it. Messenger WhatsApp is an instant messaging app that allows you to communicate comfortably and easily in individual and group chats. It is possible to make a call. For starters, in our guide, we explain the most important functions to you.

1 – Setting up WhatsApp

Download and install WhatsApp on your smartphone (via Play Store for Android or App Store for iPhone). Your phone number is checked during registration. You can then send messages to friends or relatives using WhatsApp. To do this, the app checks your contacts.

How To Create Whatsapp Account
Create Whatsapp Account

After completing the installation, it was time to open the application. When you open the WhatsApp app, it will ask you for information on the screen that appears. You must complete this information. Most importantly, you must enter your number correctly to confirm your phone number. Otherwise, the code will not come and you will not be able to perform WhatsApp installation.

2. Send a Text Message With WhatsApp

If you want to send a message, tap “chats” on WhatsApp, followed by the “Messages” icon that appears in the top right corner or bottom to start a new chat. You will now see a list of people who use WhatsApp. Tap the name and a new chat will open. Enter your text and then tap “Send Message“.

Send a Text Message Whatsapp
Send a Text Message With WhatsApp

Tip: pay attention to automatic word correction as you type; there may be some funny surprises.

3. Sending Voice Messages With WhatsApp

Don’t you want to write longer messages? Just send a voice mail. Select the person you want and open the chat. Instead of entering the following text, tap the microphone icon to the right of the text input field. Press and hold the button and make your speech. Voice mail is the most beautiful feature of those who are afraid to write and are cold.

WhatsApp Voice Message
WhatsApp Voice Message

No need to press “Send” button, the message will be sent automatically. If the message is not appropriate, swipe left to cancel the operation.

If you want to send a longer voice message without having to hold down the record button permanently, swipe up until a small lock icon appears after you start recording. That way, your audio recording will continue even if you release the smartphone screen.

After you finish your message, you can press the”Send “button (blue circle with white paper plane symbol) or press the” Cancel ” button if you are not happy with what you are saying.

4. Phone Call With WhatsApp

The Phone call with WhatsApp is free and quite simple. If you are travelling abroad or on different days you can make free calls with friends or relatives via WhatsApp. Since the phone call is made over Wi-Fi (or cellular data connection), you should make sure that you (and your counterpart) are connected to a Wi-Fi.

Phone Call With WhatsApp
Phone Call With WhatsApp

If you don’t want your internet package to run out, it will be in your best interest to use Wi-Fi.

5. Posting Photos With WhatsApp

Posting Photos with WhatsApp is pretty simple. You can share your best moments with friends and loved ones. Sending photos and videos via Whatsapp is quite simple. You can send the photo or video you want to send in your gallery by holding down and pressing the Send via whatsapp button.

Note: WhatsApp tightens the images sent to reduce the required information. This reduces the quality of your photos and videos. For example, records that you can be sure will be printed later prefer to be published as a “document” via Whatsapp or shared via email and storage.

Today we talked about using WhatsApp with you. You can share your questions and suggestions on the comments page.You can also check out our Create Account Gmail news from our other posts.

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