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Create Skype Account

Today we will give you information about How To Create a Skype Account. There are many applications and sites that Microsoft has brought to our world. The main ones are Outlook and Hotmail. Another application that you can enter with your Hotmail address or Outlook account is the Skype application.

With Skype, You Can Use The Paid and Free Service

The services you receive via Skype are paid and free depending on what you want to receive and what you want to use. You can make purchases with a credit card for the services you choose and use them in the app. Skype is a web application that allows both voice and video chat.

Skype, which has been serving for many years, allows you to register not only with Hotmail, Outlook mail addresses, but also with gmail accounts.

How To Use Skype ?

In order for you to use Skype, you can first download the Skype app from Microsoft or one of the Skype sites. Skype is one of the most widely used video chat apps in the world. To do that, you have to download it first. After that, install the downloaded file, and then follow the steps that follow to complete the installation process.

At the end of this installation, Skype will ask you if you already have an account, and if you have one, it will tell you that you need to log in. Here, if you are a new user, specifying this will ensure that you will not have any difficulties with the next steps. After that, you can check the image and sound by looking at whether they work.

skype login
How To Use Skype ?

You can add a suitable profile picture for yourself. It will now be your profile picture. You can change this image any way you want at any time.

You can start using skype by clicking the ‘use Skype’ option that will last appear. If you want, your friends in your list over the phone or via the mail you use will be transferred to your Skype list at any time. You can sort the contacts you’ve transferred into lists.

As an example, you can use these lists by dividing them into categories such as family group, Business Group, and reach many people at the same time in this way. You do not need to send individual messages to contacts or make individual video or voice calls.

How Do I Start a Free Skype Account?

You can open an account with an email you want and use when opening your Skype account. After setting up Skype, Skype asks you to fill in the details that are your personal information, such as first name, last name, username, gender. After completing this information, activate your skype account with your mobile phone number, or create an account by adding one of your email addresses.

  • One sms will be sent to your mobile phone number for activation with your mobile phone number. It contains the sms activation code. Advance by typing the activation code in the field requested by Skype. Then your account will be activated and you will be notified that it is available.
  • If you do not want to activate it with your mobile phone number, a confirmation email will be sent to one of the email addresses you use and you will be asked to click on the link to confirm this email.
  • Click the confirmation link in the email sent by Skype, renew your email that you added when opening a Skype account, and then open the skype app.
  • You will see your Skype account activated.
  • If you are in a project phase with your friends at work or people at your university and need to be together or communicate all the time, you can quickly reach everyone at once by setting up a Skype group instead of reaching everyone individually.

Today we presented you with our guide to creating Create Skype Account. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at the comment section.

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