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Create Instagram Account

Do you need help creating your Instagram account? We explain step by step what you have to pay attention to.

The social network Instagram gives you the opportunity to share pictures and videos with your family, friends or acquaintances. In the following we will show you how you can create an account on Instagram. You can either download Instagram to your mobile phone or the app to your PC with a browser:

Instagram Account

First you have to download the Instagram app from the Google Play StoreĀ or the App Store and install it. Now start the app and go to register at the bottom right. You now have two different options for registering: You can log in via your Facebook account. This has the advantage that a lot of the required information is already filled in. It also suggests people with whom you are already friends on Facebook and who are also on Instagram. But you can also use the manual registration, where you have to fill in all the information yourself. If you have opted for manual registration, you must provide your number or your mail. Then enter your name and a password. Finally, set your user name.

Over a million advertisers already use Instagram, because the platform impresses with a large reach and the many interactions of the users. 60% of users state that they learn about new services and products on Instagram. That just shows how important Instagram has become and that a profile on the platform is definitely worth it, also for you as a founder and startup. The strongest reason for an Instagram account, however, is the interaction rate, because this is much higher compared to other social media.

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