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Create An AOL Mail Account

Create An AOL Mail Account it’s a pretty simple method. You can have an aol mail account for free. Signing up for AOL is pretty easy. This provides many features that other online services do not offer. As always, by going to the website address “” on the right side of the resulting window, we will fill out the registration form. Click the”register for free Now” button.

Registration Form For AOL

Enter your first and last name at the beginning. This will appear when you send an email. You can also change it later.

After entering, AOL will automatically suggest some usernames based on their first and last names. The user name is in front of the ” @ ” icon. You can also enter your own username. If it is not already eligible, the error“ This username has already been granted“ will appear.

Create Aol Mail
Aol Mail Signup

After that, enter your password. It should be 6 to 16 characters long and case sensitive. The power bar immediately shows how strong your password is. Then, re-enter the password in the next field to make sure that you have entered the correct password.

Enter your date of birth in the next field. This is necessary to make sure you are old enough to see parts of the Aol network. Then your gender and zip code. This is used to view local news on your AOL home page.

Extra Security Registration For AOL

The following area is very important because it is used, for example, if you forgot your password or your account was hacked. Choose one of six questions and give your secret answer.

Although the last field is not absolutely necessary, we recommend that you fill it out. If you are having trouble signing in, enter the alternate email address used to send you links. It can be from any online provider. Finally, enter the Captcha code to verify that you are a human, not a software.

When you’re done, press the “log in” button and you’re done recording AOL. Note that Aol Mail is free to register and you can have multiple accounts at the same time.

Today we told you about Create An AOL Mail Account. For questions and comments, please leave your comments in the comments section below.

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