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Create Account Outlook

If you don’t know how to Create Account Outlook, let’s talk about how to do it for you and some of its advantages. In our article today, we have prepared a guide on how to open an outlook account.

With the Hotmail system, a free e-mail provider developed by Microsoft in 1995 as Windows Live Hotmail, users can receive and send mail. The system, which can be used via the browser, was combined with Outlook in 2013.

The product has an extremely secure software. Its simplicity allows its users to easily register for Outlook. The fact that it is useful and especially free has caused many users to choose it in a short time.

Unlimited Space With Outlook

Thanks to 5GB free storage space, correspondence can be securely recorded. Users who have successfully completed the Outlook open process can manage their mail accounts as they wish, thanks to the features brought by the system.

You can log in to the free mail service by opening a new Outlook account. Today, it is known that many people have an e-mail address with a Hotmail extension and control their mail intake and mailings through this account. Meeting with Outlook services, the product offers an extremely secure communication service.

Create Account Outlook Steps

If you want to instantly receive e-mails from your computer and send e-mails via a program instead of web, you can try using Outlook. Create account Outlook steps used to be quite a painful process. However, nowadays, you can now download Outlook through Microsoft’s application store and easily add a new e-mail address from within the interface.

To have both an Outlook account and a Microsoft account, all you need to do is visit You can open an Outlook account for yourself by filling in the information on this page completely, in the given order.

Create Account Outlook
Create Account Outlook

Let’s proceed by following the steps below to register to Outlook for everyone:

  • First of all, the user has to fill in the name and surname part with the real information that the user should use when receiving and sending mail. Username: This part is where the name of the person will appear in the mailing.
  • Password: It is an information that will be prepared for use in situations requiring security and consists of at least 8 characters.
Outlook Sign Up
Outlook Sign Up
  • By re-entering the password, you can bypass the security phase without any problems.
  • Country: after making the selection; Date of birth information must be entered on the basis of day, month and year.
  • After filling in the box where gender information will be entered, personal information must be entered to ensure that your account can be kept securely.
  • The phone number is entered. When the user enters the other e-mail account, the registration process is completed successfully.

Finally, the user should write the characters they see on the site as they see them in the system and must indicate if he / she wants to receive information about news about Microsoft promotions.

By clicking the Create Account box, you will receive the Outlook address. After that, you can complete your e-mail transactions through this account easily and securely.

Now we have created an outlook account. If you have questions and opinions, you can write in the comments section below.

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